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Dr. Sadat appreciates media-women

۵سرطان معین جوانان وزارت اتطلاعات فر هنگ سه تن خبر نگاران زن را تقدیر کرد ع خیر محمد 1

KABUL: Dr. Kamal Sadat, the deputy to the ministry of information and culture on youths’ affairs, in a meeting, on Tuesday appreciated three hard-working media women, Nqiba Barekzai, Samira Sharifi and Razia Mohammadi and  called them the servants of the country’s society and the people, BNA reported.

According to the agency, in the meeting, the deputy to the youths’ affairs of the ministry asked the whole country’s youths to work for the country’s development.

Meanwhile, Naqiba Barkezai thanked the deputy minister for his appreciation of the women and said they would effort no time to work for the development of the country alongside their brothers, as she believed women build half part of the society and they are ready to work to help the country get rid of the ongoing situation, said the agency.

The deputy youth minister, according to another report welcomed the Afghan refugee youth peace convoy in Pul-e-Charkhi area and said: “Your Islamic and national movement would never be empty of positive result.”  He said youth play key role in peace restoration and pointing to the country’s president ceasefire initiative, added this measure was warmly welcomed by the people and international community. Ten Afghan youth refugees started a peace march on food crossing the Torkham port and reaching to ten along the way to the capital Kabul.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.