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Dr. Abdullah stresses inclusive negotiation team for peace talks

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Addressing the council of ministers meeting here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah asked Ministry of Interior to investigate the tragic incident in 7th Police District of Kabul city that four members of family assassinated by unknown attackers.
Unidentified attackers have killed four members of a family in limits of the 7th police district of Kabul. In a statement, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said the incident took place in Jangalak area at 7pm on Sunday night.
Unidentified individuals killed the wife and three children of Abdul Sattar, an employee of the Ministry of Transport, with an axe inside his house. Kabul Police spokesman said the motive behind the killings was yet to be ascertained and no arrest had been made so far.
The Chief Executive asked the ministry to take necessary steps on the issue as according to him was a shocking incident a clear crime.
Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah said on Monday that peace is not one person’s monopoly but is a collective desire. “Peace is not one person’s monopoly, one person’s wish— but it is a collective desire, and the people of Afghanistan have the right to take a position regarding the peace process,” said Dr. Abdullah.
The CE criticized remarks suggesting that all peace efforts should be granted by the State Ministry of Peace and added that one ministry cannot handle peace and all parties should be involved in the negotiation team. “The negotiation team should be a comprehensive team, including the government, but by no means can a ministry facilitate a peace process for the country,” he added.
Dr. Abdullah also said that he will continue to work until the final results of the presidential elections are announced. “The National Unity Government will exist until the final results of the elections are announced, the National Unity Government is based on a National Unity Government agreement,” Dr. Abdullah said.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.