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Dr. Abdullah, Pakistani leaders discuss peace process

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, who was on a three-day trip in Pakistan, met with Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi on Wednesday, Abdullah’s office said in a statement.
According to the statement, both leaders discussed the Afghan peace negotiations and bilateral relations. During the visit, Alvi expressed his full support for the peace effort and for strengthening relations between the two countries.
“The Pakistani government and leadership fully support the peace efforts in Afghanistan. We stand for an end to war, and for peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan suffers from war in Afghanistan and benefits from peace,” Alvi said during the meeting.
Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah provided a clear picture of the situation in Afghanistan, peace talks, challenges and opportunities for achieving peace, and areas for bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
Abdullah said that achieving peace the priority of the people and the government of Afghanistan at this point,and called for the cooperation of Pakistan and other countries achieving success at this stage.
“Afghanistan wants good relations with all its neighbors, especially with Pakistan, and peace and stability in Afghanistan will pave the way for cooperation, trade growth and development between the two countries and the region as a whole,” Abdullah said.
The meeting followed Tuesday’s meeting between Abdullah and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan where they discussed the peace process.
“Peace in Afghanistan, bilateral ties between the two countries, and help in Afghanistan in different sectors were discussed in the meeting,” added the statement.
Pakistan’s prime minister reiterated that he would visit Afghanistan and that he is ready to help Afghanistan in achieving peace and strengthening trade and transit ties between the two countries, according to the statement.
“The Afghan side thanked Pakistan for the invitation and its support for peace efforts facilitating the peace negotiations,” the statement said, adding that the expectation was that Pakistan will help Afghanistan in achieving peace.
Dr. Abdullah also met with Pakistan’s Senate Speaker Sadiq Sanjrani and discussed Afghanistan-Pakistan trade and transit ties, the peace process and other current topics, Abdullah’s office said in a statement.

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