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Dr. Abdullah opens ‘Calligraphy Exhibition’ in Sapidar Palace

نمایشگاه آیات صلح با پیام قرآنی در سپیدار افتتاح شد

KABUL: An Exhibition titled Ayat-e-Solh ‘Peace verses’ with precious calligraphy works was jointly inaugurated by the Chief Executive Office and Calligraphy Association of Herat Province here at the Sapidar Palace on Tuesday, a statement said.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah called the exhibition very important, saying the works were decorated with Holy Quran verses and Peace messages. “Afghans are in dire need of peace,” he added as quoted by the CE Press office statement.
Dr. Abdullah went on saying that Herat was the center of art, education, culture and civilization for centuries, adding there were still talented artists and culturists active in the province.
Praising works of the calligraphy association of Herat province, Dr. Abdullah called their efforts as ever-lasting activity that help boost art and culture.
At the end, the Chief Executive appreciated Ustad Nik Mohammad Mostamandi Ghuri, Ustad Najibullah Anwari, Ustad Abdul Hakim Karimzad and Ustad Ahmad Zia Haqshenas with appreciation letters.
The exhibition includes 40 calligraphy works of 10 artists of the Herat Calligraphy Association and is aimed to reveal the real peace messages and the Holy Religion of Islam role in the process.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.