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Dr. Abdullah hopes repatriation of migrants after peace prevails in Afghanistan

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The Chief Executive Office in a statement on the occasion of World Migration Day, which is coincided with December 18, said that commemorating the day to honor the Afghan migrants in other countries.
“Afghanistan is among the countries that having increasing number of migrants. The 40 years of imposed war forced millions of Afghan people to take refuge to other countries. Continued war, unemployment and poverty are the biggest reasons,” the statement quoted the Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah as saying. He added despite of efforts made in last five years, there were still challenges before voluntary repatriation of the Afghan migrants.
The Chief Executive hoped that with peace and stability in the country, the ground be prepared for repatriation of the Afghan migrants.
The Chief Executive asked international community and organizations, in particular the International Organization of Migration and those countries hosting Afghan refugees to respect and deal with the rights of Afghan migrants in line with the international laws and norms. 

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