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Dr. Abdullah hopes Doha dialogue to ease govt, Taliban direct talks

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the Council of Ministers (CM) meeting here yesterday at the Sapidar Palace, a statement said.
Addressing the opening remarks, Dr. Abdullah said media freedom was the main achievement of the Afghan government and it was a shared responsibility of both people and state to safeguard such achievements, the statement from CE Press Office said.
“No one has the right to attack press freedom. Establishing security is the main duty of the security forces, but they should respect individual’s rights,” Dr. Abdullah said, adding the Ministry of Interior has assured to assess police misbehave with mediamen the other day.
Pointing to upcoming presidential elections, Dr. Abdullah said Afghans looking forward to a transparent and free elections and no government officials are allowed to interfere in electoral commissions’ affairs. He asked civil society institutions to monitor the election process.
Chief Executive on Monday welcomed the Intra-Afghan Dialogue in Doha and said he hopes it will lead to direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. 
“It is expected that the meeting will lead to direct talks between the two sides including the government of Afghanistan and it will lead to peace,” Dr. Abdullah said. He also said that Taliban shouldn’t consider killing of innocent people as credit for peace talks.
Meanwhile CE Abdullah praised National Directorate of Security operations and arresting of ISIS members in Kabul. He said those arrested were easing militant’s activities in Kabul and were behind many attacks. “Afghans demand peace and extremists are not allowed to be among them,” he said, asking people to cooperate with their security forces. The Council of Ministers meeting followed with activity reports of the security organs as well as other ministries and independent directorates.

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