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Dozens of historic documents preserved in National Archive: Director

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By: Karima Malikzada

National archive has particular position in today’s world and considered as one of researching sources. Various countries by establishing national archives are preserving their historic and valuable documents and manuscripts. For the first time in Afghanistan, documents and manuscripts have been collected to be preserved during the era of King Amanullah Khan.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, head of Afghanistan National Archive Mohammad Afsar Rahbin said, “On the occasion of celebration the 100th Independence anniversary of Afghanistan, preparations are underway in national level. Each governmental institution will somehow take part celebration of the anniversary.
In the meantime, various departments relevant to the ministry of information and culture will have particular programs for which particular meetings have been held. Afghanistan National Archive will also have particular programs. For example, the national archive was tasked to publish all codebooks from the era of King Amanullah Khan and put all historic documents and manuscripts for exhibition.”
Rahbin further said that there were dozens of codebooks, speeches, pictures and MoUs and agreements from the era of King Amanullah Khan and were all preserved in national archive and the Independence anniversary’s festival belonged to all the nation of Afghanistan.
“Newspapers, valuable documents and manuscripts, hundreds of pictures belonging to the era of King Amanullah Khan are preserved in national archive, but we can say the exact number of all documents and historic manuscripts unless they are digitalized,” Rahbin said.

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He added that Afghanistan National Archive by its most valuable and historic documents such as agreements, memorandums of understanding, historic pictures, manuscripts and various copies of the Holy Quran and dozens of others belong to the nation of Afghanistan.
It is worth mentioning that the National Archives of Afghanistan houses and preserves unique and valuable collections of important historical documents, and rare manuscripts, as well as valuable examples of works of calligraphy and miniatures dating back centuries.
The basic goals of Afghanistan’s National Archives are to collect and to preserve archival documents in Afghanistan and to prevent manuscripts and documents from leaving the country.
Afghanistan’s National Archives is ready to respond to the scientific and literary needs of researchers and students in Afghanistan and from other countries.
The National Archives of Afghanistan welcomes scholars and researchers doing research in the fields of literature, history, politics, economy and socio-cultural issues of Afghanistan. During the course of history, archives have served humanity as a treasury of cultural assets acquired by peoples over time, serving to introduce to new generations the culture and traditions of their ancestors and strengthen the cultural pillars of society.
This attention to national archives is a symbol of the importance given by societies to their cultural heritage through the establishment of museums and archives.

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