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Donors should help IEC

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UNAMA disagrees with simultaneous holding of presidential, provincial councils and Ghazni house elections in September.
Relevant sources in IEC have said that UN special envoy Tadamichi Yamamoto has requested holding of separate above three elections.
The UNAMA expressed disagreement with the above three simultaneous elections at a time that some times before US under Secretary of State Alice Wales during her meeting with IEC members had suggested that they should merely concentrate on holding of presidential elections.
But talking to media, chairwoman of the IEC Ms. Hawa Alam Nooristani said, our argument was this that for guaranteeing of a nationwide, transparent and legal presidential election, it is needed that the provincial councils elections’ should also be held.
Because according to chairwoman of IEC now, the term of elected members of Senate has been over and in order to legitimize Senate, Provincial Councils’ Elections are also needed to be held.
Although the process of Afghanistan elections is one of the most expensive elections in the region, based on available informations, in the past 18 years, over US $ one billion have been invested for holding of three presidential and two parliamentary elections, most of it have been funded by foreign countries and even in last years parliamentary elections, the Afghan government had funded only US $11 million out of US $ 115 million budget of the elections.
In the past, the world community particularly the UNAMA had also emphasized that financial funding of elections is upon the shoulder of donor countries. Therefore, now too UNAMA should do its best to rely on the demand of IEC and fund provincial councils’ elections beside presidential ones, in order to legalize the national assembly and both elections be held simultaneously, not to add an additional problem beside current ones.
Appreciating the assistance of the world community in the last 18 years, the Afghan people expect them to help and cooperate them in this sensitive juncture of time particularly the IEC, enable it to regain its reputation and prestige. People would also refind full believe and confidence to IEC capabilities for holding simultaneous elections and display a real system of democracy which demonstrate demand and determination of majority of Afghan people.
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