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Domestic revenues reach Afs 208bln


By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghan MoF has announced that Afs 208 billion have been collected from domestic revenues in current year. Addressing the media, acting Minister of Finance Humayoun Qayoumi said that this amount shows 10 pc increase than the past year and the last fiscal year revenues were announced Afs 184bln.
Qayoumi clarified that this was the peak of revenues collection in the last 18 years that shows 110 pc increase than the past five years.
He added that considerable increase in revenues’ collection has taken place at a condition that extensive reforms have been implemented in government revenues sources. Based on the six rounds of IMF assessments, the Afghan government has managed to complete reformation indices of IMF and the Afghan government has received a reward of US $ 44m and way has been paved for taking of long term macro-finances.
The conclusive report of 1397 fiscal year has been controversial in parliament and strong corruption accusations were addressed to the government on consumption of that year’s budget.
Acting MoF has added that all spendings of code-91 of the budget have taken place at the orders of the president.
Clarifying the consumption of 1398 development budget, Qayoumi said that the budget of 1398 fiscal year has been spent over 95 pc that shows the highest rate of spending of development budget in the last 18 years.
Touching economic growth in current year, acting MoF said that our economy has 3 pc growth in this year and expressed hope that next years growth will be 4 pc.
It has been said that, due to consecutive droughts in recent years, our economy had slow growth and economic indices of past years show 2.8 pc growth.
Economists expressed hope that corruption is expected to be prevented by the government with ongoing extensive reforms in custom houses. Installation of digital apparatus in these departments has caused prevention of money misappropriation in custom houses. At the same time, president Ghani has put strong emphasize on digitalizing of custom houses to introduce extensive changes and revenues be collected transparently and corruption be prevented to an extent. Some times before, addressing a gathering in Kabul, the US ambassador in Afghanistan called the government failed in war on corruption and said that the Afghan government has not managed to take useful steps for eradication of corruption.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.