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Distribution process of e-Tazkira should be followed based on international standards


By: Masouda Qarizada

Electronic national identification card is a mechanism for digitalization of electronic governance and database resulting in identification of Afghanistan citizens. This process should be followed based on international standards.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Afghanistan Central Statistics Authority spokeswoman Mrs. Roeina Shahabi says regional countries’ people are now making use of electronic identification cards (tazkira).

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“Paper tazkira or paper identification cards are not used anymore by people in regional countries as paper tazkiras are creating problems for citizens; therefore, distribution of e-tazkiras is necessary for electronic governance in each country including Afghanistan,” Mrs. Shahabi said.
The central statistics authority spokesperson further said currently there were 17 centers operating in Kabul to distribute e-tazkira to people, adding that facilities and services have been also provided to government employees for getting the e-tazkiras.
“So far e-Tazkiras have been distributed to more than 1million Afghan citizens and currently e-tazkira distributing centers have been created in capital and provinces as the number of those who would like to get e-tazkira is increasing day by day,” the statistics authority spokesperson said, adding that e-tazkira distributing centers have been also opened in neighboring countries particularly in Iran’s Mashhad, Sistan, Balochistan and Kirman cities where two of the centers are operating in Tehran and Mashhad city.
According to spokesperson to the central statistics authority, all services in connection with distribution process of e-tazkiras have been organized in accordance to current needs inside and outside of the country. Pointing to effectiveness of distribution of e-tazkiras in statistics process or population, the central statistics authority spokesperson said statistics process or population census were not conducted through e-tazkiras, insisting that distribution of e-tazkira was not for the country’s population census.
Related to complaints and protests made recently by people about distribution process of e-tazkira, the central statistics authority spokesperson said due to personal reasons, a number of people did not want to lose their personal benefits and were against distribution of e-tazkira in the country; therefore, they were trying to somehow create problem in the distribution process of the e-tazkiras in the country.
In a question in connection with writing mother name in e-tazkiras, the central statistics authority spokesperson said the law has clarified printing mother name in e-tazkiras and putting it in the tazkiras was optional. “Those who are above 18 years of age and would like to get e-tazkiras with mother name printed, it can be printed and those who do not want their mother names printed, it won’t be printed,” the spokesperson insisted. Pointing to whether getting e-tazkiras is obligatory or not, the central statistics authority spokesperson said currently getting e-tazkiras was not obligatory and paper tazkiras were still valid as distribution process of e-tazkira was a big national process and might take years. It is worth mentioning currently more than 1million Afghan population has received e-tazkiras in the country and the number is increasing day by day.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.