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Distribution process of bread to miserable families begins in Kabul

By: Shukria Kohistani
KABUL: Following extension of lockdown in Kabul city and arriving of the holy month of Ramadan, Afghanistan government has decided to start the distribution process of bread to miserable families. The decision has been made after miserable families faced with serious economic problems following suspension of many businesses in Kabul city.
Now, the government has tasked Kabul municipality to provide 10 bread to each miserable family through bakeries in the city. A number of Afghans by welcoming the government’s initiative have said that a big portion of problems of miserable families will be addressed with distribution of bread to the families in the city.
A spokesperson to Kabul municipality Nargis Momand told media the other day that the government has decided to start distribution of bread to solve livelihood problems of miserable families in the city.
“Contracts have been signed with bakeries in all 22 provincial districts of Kabul to provide 100 bread to each miserable family on daily basis,” said Nargis Momand, spokesperson to Kabul municipality.
According to Kabul municipality spokesperson, based on information collected by the municipality, more than 250,000 families need assistance as they have been affected during the lockdown and suspension of many businesses in Kabul city.
Momand asserted that the number of miserable families might change and the number would increase in coming days, adding that Kabul municipality with close cooperation of civil society organizations, community representatives, women council and ulamas was trying to identify needy and miserable families so that they could receive the assistance being provided by the government.
Considering the distribution process of bread to miserable families as transparent, the Kabul municipality spokesperson said based on the list provided in each PD, each miserable would receive 10 loaves of bread on daily basis, adding that there would be a representative from the municipality to monitor the process and ensure proper social distance to prevent from COVID19.
According to Kabul municipality spokesperson, needy families can go to bakeries specified for distribution of bread to get their bread after 1pm and the process will continue until lockdown is eased in Kabul city.
Meanwhile, a number of Kabul residents by welcoming the distribution process of bread to miserable families complained that a number of community representatives are misusing of the process as they do not include the real miserable families in a list of needy people.
“It is a very good decision made by the government because in current situation a number of families even do not have bread for their children, but list of the needy and miserable families is not transparent as some community representatives have introduced their relatives and friends as needy families,” said Rahim Frootan, a Kabul resident.
He asked Kabul municipality to identify real miserable and needy families and make a transparent list so that each miserable family receives bread on daily basis.
It is worth mentioning that distribution program of bread will be first implemented in Kabul city and later the process will be started in Herat, Balkh, Kandahar and Kunduz provinces. According to Afghanistan government, the program will be soon started across the country.

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