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Disagreement with ceasefire means continuation of war

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Talks of Taliban and the Americans are going on and the Arg no longer criticizes it. It seems that the negotiating American diplomats in Qatar also consider opinions of Arg in their talks.
As the representative of total Afghan government, Arg is allowed to transfer the point of view of the Afghan government to American side.
Taking into account the consideration of the Afghan government by the US is an important and positive step. The Afghan government is a reality that no one ignore it. A person or electoral team is not the total Afghan government that for its disagreeing, the system be ignored.
Political opponents of Ashraf Ghani should separate the interests of a government from an electoral team and don’t burn pelisse for flea. If Arg considerations are taking into account in Qatar talks, it would benefit a total in the name of Afghanistan.
But a political solution of war is possible only when a comprehensive ceasefire be established prior to every serious and official talks. A ceasefire between Americans and the Taliban is not sufficient. A nationwide and inclusive ceasefire is required prior to every official talks among the representatives of government, Taliban and other political parties. Taliban must enter a meaningful negotiation with government and Afghanistan political parties. But these negotiations must be conditional to a nationwide ceasefire.
First, the nationwide ceasefire should be established and then all should sit round the talks table. If Taliban really believe in ending of war through talks, should accept that prior to it, an inclusive and nationwide ceasefire must be setup. All Afghan nationals welcome establishment of ceasefire.
Taliban complain that military operations are taking place in the areas under their domination and civilians are damaged while in the areas under the control of government, civilians are main victims of the Taliban offensives. In their latest attack in Bagram a hospital was strongly damaged which is unacceptable according to war international laws and has been considered a war crime.
All parties who consider themselves part of Afghanistan are required to lessen pain and grievance of citizens of this republic. If a group or faction considers itself as the total of Afghanistan and underestimate others, the dream of end of war would never be materialized.
This dream would only be implemented that all forces who want to play a role in political future of the country, should consider themselves part of Afghanistan not all of it.
Albeit, the government is never a faction. It is a body that must be existed and all should support it. Therefore every faction who calls itself part of Afghanistan, would never disagree with ceasefire and end of pain and grievance of citizens. Every force who disagree the ceasefire, in fact has disagreed end of pain and tragedy of total citizens of Afghanistan.
In continuation of war, no ground will be available for its end. The rule of war intensification in order to take advantage on the talks table, is not true in all cases. Experience has shown that war intensification even jeopardizes the talks.
Continuation of war means further killing. Whenever everyday people are killed and citizens pain and grievance are being increased, the dream of end of war would be more unaccessible.
Further killing produce no positive outcome except strengthening of the culture of revenge and war intensification. Taliban and their supporters should also understand this historical reality that no insurgent force has managed to collapse a government by military instrument that remains in power following the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. If this historical reality is not taken into account and Taliban exploit talks as a tactic, war would not be ended. End of war is only possible that all parties avoid violence.

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