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Digitalized education system to bring more facilities for students: activist


By: Shukria

Modern digitalized systems in education sector have been able to provide lots of facilities to school students around the world. Fortunately, Najia Academy, an Afghan learning center, wants to promote the new digitalized system for Afghan students in the country.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, director of Najia Academy Eng. Najia Raufi said digitalization of the education sector has been one of her visions, adding that through the digitalized system students were able to receive necessary studies.
Mrs. Raufi said that she has been able to share her plan for digitalization of Afghanistan schools with government officials, ministries of education and higher education, donor organizations, World Bank, UNICEF and JICA, adding that all have supported her vision and draft plan. “Currently, work in learning section of the system is underway so that the new digitalized system is promoted in education sector,”
Eng. Raufi said, adding that the system is in two online and offline sections. Najia Raufi further said that in researches followed in the field of mathematics and sciences, they have reached to a conclusion that they should initiate in sciences as the current system in Afghanistan was not a successful international standard; therefore, they have increased their researches and found that South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Hongkong were among successful countries in digitalization, sciences and mathematics in Asia.
“We’ve contacted Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to implement the new digitalized system in Afghanistan. The organization has supported us as it is in favor of good quality of studies in Afghanistan,” Mrs. Najia said, believing that most countries of the world are following with their own system of education.
“I’ve been always thinking to have a national program and now we’ve considered a program titled ‘Each home is a school’ for Afghanistan education to change each Afghan’s home to this new modern system,” Eng. Raufi said.
Pointing to her researches, Eng. Raufi said after continued researches, she reached to a conclusion that a new unique education and learning system named ‘One World One Education System’ should be created for sciences and mathematics to change the whole world to a single world system.
According to Eng. Raufi, foreign countries’ system is different with education system of Afghan students; therefore, a new unique and single system in the world can address problems in education sector.
It is worth mentioning that for implementation of the respective draft program, Afghanistan presidential office has instructed creation of a think tank committee to work on this.
Digitalization of the education sector is considered as key for reduction of illiteracy in the world as one of the goals of the world is to reduce illiteracy toll until 2030.

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