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Dew damaged orchards

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By: The Kabul Times

The officials of the MoAIL saying that despite extraordinary effects of heavy rains in spring season on agricultural fields, but dews and floods have caused damages to seasonal fruits in a number of provinces.
Addressing the media, spokesman of the MoAIL Akbar Rostami said, rain shower and floods in some provinces have damaged residential areas and dew left negative impacts on agricultural fields.
Considering effective rain falls in this season Rostami said that rain falls together with dew in some areas in which blossom has just started, remained negative impacts.
It has been said that seasonal rains and floods in this season have inflicted heavy damages to farmers and horticultures but precise data are not available.
A number of farmers considering falling of seasonal rains effective but saying that unseasonable rains and dew have damaged their agricultural products and fruits.
Rahimullah a farmer in Parwan province who is not satisfy with rains and dews saying that rain falls are God sent gift but dew in this season have caused damages to us. Rain with dew have caused damages to our newly blossomed fruits.
According to him, apricots and Peaches have been strongly damaged. Majority of people are involved in agriculture and its their only source of income, but rainfalls and dew cause harming of their products. The affected and damaged fruits would be affected with small-poxdisease that unfortunately loss markets and we have to feed our animals with these fruits.
Ghulam Rahman a farmer in Shakar Dara district Kabul province calling recent days rains and dews devastating said apples and apricots were strongly damaged. Recent flash floods and rains destroyed dams.
He warned the government if these destroyed dams are not rebuild on time, in the future more fields would be destroyed due to rains and floods.
A number of farmers in west and south west zones welcomed rains and said flash floods have damaged many fields but fruits have not been seriously damaged and they are quite happy with rains.
Gul Ahmad Ahmadi a horticulture in Engeel district Herat province said, I have over 20 jeribs grape yards and rains are useful to fruits. But unpleasant climate damages agricultural products. During the nights temperature drops that cause freezing of products.
He added, Zinda Jan and Gosarah districts of Herat province are more vulnerable to climate change and their agricultural and fruits are directly damaged.

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