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Details of Qatar meeting ambiguous


The US State Department special envoy for Afghan peace has not publicized yet the details (progresses) of Qatar talks officially. The Presidential Palace that claims Khalilzad has reported these details to the Afghan government, has also not shared these details with public.
A number of civil society activists and political analysts say that unpublicising of Qatar talks detail, is controversial to people and has created many imaginations. Both the US and Taliban at the end of their six days meeting in Doha, the capital of Qatar announced that in these round of talks they have made considerable progresses. Both sides were expected to release details of these progresses, but this expectation has not been met.
After the end of Qatar talks, the US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad met on Sunday evening with president Ghani and other NUG authorities in Kabul. In a press release the Presidential Palace has said that during this meeting Khalilzad has shared details of Qatar talks with Afghan government but the press release has not mentioned the details.
In the press release only those issues have been pointed out that according to political analysts could not be considered progress in Qatar talks.
Quoting Khalilzad, the press release has said that the US and Taliban delegations have only discussed ceasefire in Qatar but despite of that no progress was made.
Khalilzad has added that Taliban want the foreign troops to withdraw from Afghanistan but so far no accords were made between the two sides on this issue.
The press release added that in response to this question that what is the decision of Taliban on intra-Afghan dialogue, the US envoy said that this issue will be discussed in upcoming talks.
The presidential press release has added that in his report to the Afghan government, the US envoy said that in Qatar meeting between the US and Taliban no discussion took place on the structure of future political system as well as formation of an interim administration in Afghanistan.
Khalilzad described releasing of these issues in media as rumors. Quoting Khalilzad, the press release said that he has called intra-Afghan dialogue as the only solution to achieve reliable peace in Afghanistan in his talks with Taliban side.
Anyway, what has not appeared in the press release of the Presidential Palace is testimonies of progress and detail in Qatar talks. Either the US or Taliban had already acknowledged that have achieved considerable progresses in Qatar talks.
In the wake of this news, the Afghan people were waiting that Khalilzad would release details of these progresses during his visit to Kabul.
Chairman of Afghan civil society complex Aziz Rafiee said, due to this reason that the fourth round of US and Taliban talks in Qatar lasted for six days, it is certain that both sides have reached agreements during these long talks.
According to Rafiee, if there was no probability of both sides agreements in Qatar talks, these talks would have not extended from two to six days. Rafiee added that neither the US, Taliban nor the Afghan government have provided details on these talks.
Rafiee went on to say, at present most people don’t know on which issues agreement was reached in these talks and what are the details.
He added, what the government has released according to Khalilzad cannot provide convincing response to people questions on this meeting.
He emphasized, if peace efforts are followed sincerely and the Afghan people anxiety is at the focus of these efforts, details and progresses of all meetings should be shared with people. It is very important that people should know what progresses have been made on peace and what deadlocks are ahead of this process?
If essential information are not provided on the results of efforts on peace process to people, many suspicions would be created in the public opinions that “what games are going on behind these efforts that are not shared with people”.
He went on to say that if both parties of Qatar talks are not ready to share details of their efforts with people, it is the job of the Afghan government to give frank response to people questions and prevent creation of negative imaginations.
Political analyst Waheed Muzhda said, absolutely the US-Taliban have agreed on some issues in Qatar talks, if they reached no agreements, the Taliban would had not been ready to continue their talks with Americans.
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