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Despite massive conspiracies, Afghans remain amazingly united: VP Saleh

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: In a tweet on Monday, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that despite massive conspiracies to divide Afghans along sectarian & ethnic lines, but ‘we remain amazingly united.’

VP Saleh’s remarks came after President Ghani said in a ceremony marking Ashura Day in west of Kabul on Sunday, that Afghanistan was an example of Shiite and Sunni unity in the world.

“Despite massive conspiracies to divide us along sectarian & ethnic lines, we remain amazingly united. It was an honor to accompany President Ashraf Ghani in an Ashura event & speak on the occasion. Imam Hussain is revered figure for all Islamic denominations. We visited a rebuilt IS-K hit hospital,” the first VP tweeted.

Meanwhile addressing the Ashura Ceremony on Sunday, VP Saleh, said that the enemies failed to divide Shiites and Sunnis in the country.  “Despite the effort made to separate Shiites and Sunnis, no one has been able to succeed. We are all Muslims and brothers,” VP said.

The First Vice President also said he is not concerned about the ongoing peace process. “I am not too worried about the current (peace) process because of what our people have gained in recent years will not be lost,” he added.

The president also said on Sunday that peace does not mean a power-sharing political deal, but instead the fulfillment of the will of the Afghan people, which is to end violence and bloodshed in the country. “Do not be afraid of peace because peace does not mean a power sharing political deal.” President Ghani said.

President Ghani said that everyone wants a reduction in violence and an end to the violence in the country and he said that no matter how much the enemies tear things down, Afghans will build back.

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