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Democratic way of electing future leader a must

woman Afghan voter identification card registration centre July 18 2004

The importance of elections is equally alike in both established and emerging democracies. In today’s day and age, democracy and elections are synonymously used in political language. The very core pillars of any democratic society are gauged with peaceful transition of power through fairly conducted general consensus that is, Elections. Needless to say, it is the only viable option that strengthens democracy and prevents dictatorship in any given society.
Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh on Sunday reiterated that holding an election is one of the key elements of the country’s political system, and that any type of political system will be dependent on people’s votes.
VP Danesh said that the Afghan government is ready to hold an early election to achieve peace but reiterated that the process requires international monitoring. Early elections are part of the plan proposed by President Ghani to achieve peace in the country.
“Election is a key element for our political system, therefore, the government leadership— President Ghani in particular—has insisted on an election and he has mentioned he is ready to hold an election under the international community’s observation in the case that a (peace) agreement is finalized and must be approved by the people of Afghanistan,” VP Danesh said.
A day earlier, National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib said that President Ghani will not run for office in an early election and asked Taliban to shun violence and join process.
As per the president’s proposal, if Taliban really want peace and stability in the war-torn country, then should agree to a lasting ceasefire and participate in election process. Taliban have time and again claimed that have control of more than 70 percent of the Afghan soil, they why they are afraid of a democratic process.
In a democratic country the ultimate authority lies within the people. And ultimately, the government is answerable to the people. Moreover, to guarantee such accountability the modern democratic theory emphasizes to establish and strengthen political systems in such a way that people have most of the power, though indirectly.
One of the basic ways the people can participate in the affairs of the state is through elections. Well-established and developed election systems can provide opportunities to all the members of the society to cast their votes and have their say in the making of the government.
Therefore, democracy defined as rule of people on people and in Afghanistan, government has been sparing no efforts to ease people’s participation in all affairs. The international community has too spent billions of USD to promote democracy and encourage people to attend democratic processes.
Despite of many ups and downs in democratic process, mainly elections, the Afghan people defied all threats and even their fingers were chopped off but attended the previous elections. Such a gain and people believe on democracy and democratic values should be undermined; rather further works should be done to promote such a value.
The international community should support Afghan government’s stance on early election and encourage Taliban to participate in it. This is the only possible way to prevent the undermining of previous achievements and the country’s developments. Any plan for interim or transitional government means pushing the country to 20 years back.


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