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Democratic processes shouldn’t be politicalized

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By: The Kabul Times

Concerns have been raised about politicization of presidential election in the country. Previously the Independent Election Commission (IEC) had some narrations to media about pressures that have been exerted on it by electoral teams.
Although the IEC didn’t name from certain team but had said that meddling of some electoral teams prevents the commission to perform its duty on due time.
Despite of this, some signs were seen that the commissioners of IEC having disputes on in the issues such as recounting of votes, investigation of thousands of registration centers as well as the knowhow of behaves with some votes and presence of those employees that were accused for committing of fraud in election process to be introduced to attorney general.
The root of this dispute, their tendency to this or that political party has been known. Politicization of election makes citizens concern. Political behave with election makes ineffective the vote of citizens. Because, in such a state, it would not be the vote of citizens to determine the destiny of elections.
Considering this concern, with leaning on the law, as well as based on procedures are available, the process that are necessary should be implemented. They should prevent from political behave with people’s vote and specify the result on the basis of citizens vote and respond to all concerns in the light of laws and procedures.
The commissions are obliged to respond clearly to lawful questions raised by electoral teams and remove their concern on the basis of transparency. The base of their works should be laws and procedures and agreements reached by them.
Leaning on law and procedure removes concerns and also causes the political parties to accept the results of the elections achieved by electoral commissions.
As action based on law and procedures prevent from disputes existed among commissioners as coordinators of election process and also prevent from political tendencies, the issue that seriously needed for keeping away from political behave with election and citizens vote.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.