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Democracy process attacking continues


Monday morning a suicide attacker who wanted to attack a motor laden by employees of Independent Election Commission (IEC) was identified by Kabul police before reaching to his dirty goal. But, as a result of explosion of explosive materials two individuals including one police were martyred and another eight other that the IEC personnel were also including them, wounded.
Apparently, after election dayit was the first purposeful attack on personnel of Independent Election Commission and the Daesh terrorist group took responsibility. But, prior to holding election process, Taliban threatened they would disturb the process and had proclaimed they would also attack on those who maintain the process security.
Taliban had stated that the election is a plot engineered by foreigners to take the throne for their own individuals.
No matter, attack on election process is attack on democracy that majority of our citizens regard it as suitable way for reaching of individual to elected posts in the body of present system in the country and they agree upon.
Unprecedented vast participation of citizens even in remotest areas despite threats and challenges is a clear indication of this fact that any more, the people would not accept those who rule on them through force and are in favor of systems that stem from determination of themselves and took the power based on their own decision.
With massive partnership in parliamentary elections, in fact, negates the determination of Taliban and any other grouping who want to take the power by force and impose themselves on people.
Taliban and other such groups with launching of suicide attacks, plantation of mines and performing of rocket attacks etc. tried their best to prevent people from attending parliamentary election, but, with ignoring of these threats, they attended the process.
If the problems were not existed in the management system of the election, less number would remained for not attending the election process.
The reports released by media indicate that participation of people in recent election as well as in Kandahar after the latter was unprecedented.
But, the attack took place Tuesday morning showed that Taliban and other terrorists grouping are also standing against democracy and never refrain from anti-democratic programs.
With resorting to such attacks, terrorists never reach to their sinister goals.
It is possible more that terrorist groupings would also repeat such shameful acts within counting of polls. It is up to security organs to prevent from occurrence of such terrorist attacks and ensure the safety of remaining programs of the process.
The people of Afghanistan and government senior officials recommend the achievements gained by brave security forces of the country and election process held in a secure atmosphere, the achievements that neutralized all plots of sold-out enemies of the people of Afghanistan.
After this too, the people of Afghanistan are expecting from their brave sons to ensure the security of their country and people against such anti-Islamic and inhumane acts of stooges of our historical enemies.
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