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Delegation to investigate Jam Minaret situation, Minister Safi

28دلو 1397ملا قا ت با سر پر ست وزار ت با جوانا ن ولا یت غور ع سلطا نی 2

KABUL: During a meeting with a number of Ghor province’s youth, Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi said protection of historical sites and monuments were prioritized by her ministry, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported on Sunday.
According to the agency, representing other youth, Abdul Qadir Ghafouri said historical monuments and Jam Minaret were not in a good condition, asking the ministry of information and culture to pay heed in this regard. Considering Ghor youths’ concerns about historical sites and monuments in this province. Acting Minister Safi said her ministry shared this issue with UNESCO and a delegation is expected to be sent to that province to thoroughly investigate about the issue.
She added UNESCO would cooperate with the ministry of information and culture in the respect. According to another report, chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi, the roads naming commission held meeting yesterday.
At the outset, head of cultural section for Kabul Municipality Sayed Mustafa Sayeedi briefed the session about naming of roads and streets in first and second districts.
Afterwards, Acting Minister Safi said that historical and ancient names of roads in Kabul city should be preserved.
“The views of Academy of Sciences’ members, Kabul university lecturers and locals should be valued in naming Kabul city roads and streets,” she stressed.
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