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Delegates’ views on ‘Peace Consultative Loya Jirga’ results

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Finally, Peace Consultative Loya Jirga held in Kabul.
Calling the Jirga the only option to restore peace in the country, a number of delegates attend Loya Jirga stated their views with The Kabul Times correspondent as bellow:
“Jirgas have always been a troubleshooting for challenges in the history of Afghanistan, therefore, representatives of 34 provinces have come to Kabul to find a solution and put an end to long-lasting war in Afghanistan,” east zone representative Haji Durani said.
He stressed that representing Laghman people, I ask Taliban to come and negotiate with the government of Afghanistan and step up for peaceful future of Afghanistan.
He hoped that the decisions taken in peace Jirga could pave the way for restoration of lasting peace in Afghanistan.
“If Taliban want to join peace process, they should choose intra-Afghani peace, because, all Afghans’ demands have been shared in peace Jirga,” Logar representative Abed Ahmadzai said.
Calling government’s step on holding peace Jirga important, he called upon the government and Taliban to respect the decisions taken in the Jirga.
Kandahar representative Gul Desta said that the people of Afghanistan have been sick of war, because, war has left behind many widows, orphans and hundreds of disabled and maims, but unfortunately, still it is continuing throughout the country.
She added we expect both sides to hear the nation’s voice and come and share their views with Afghans and make effort to ensure peace in the country.
“Taliban know that war is not the solution, through which they got nothing over the last three decades, thus, they should step up to put an end to ongoing war and join peace process,” she stated.
Nangarhar’s Pashayee tribe representative Mufti Muhammad Belal says that we hope peace and security are ensured among Afghans and our country places among the world’s developed countries.
He added the committees shared their demands and suggestions in the Jirga and they
expect the government of Afghanistan and Taliban to reach an agreement in a bid to prevail sustainable peace in the country.
Sikh representative Khalesa Singh asked the government of Afghanistan and Taliban to take practical and firm steps on peace.
He added peace declaration is of all Afghans and should be practiced.
“Representing Samangan women, I am very happy that representatives of 34 provinces have attended the Jirga,” north zone representative Sediqa Muradi said. All Afghan women want a lasting peace to be ensured in the country, because, they have sustained lots of problems over the last more than three decades, she continued.
Herat province’s representative Magul Muhammadi said, “As a representative of Adreskan district, I hope peace is restored across the country particularly in the districts.”
She added we want young generation’s role not to be ignored in peace talks.
Khost province’s head of civil society Zainab Afghan said that Loya Jirgas have always been held on those problems that were hard to be solved and this is a tradition remained from our ancestors. She stressed that war in Afghanistan has been imposed by aliens and if the Taliban call themselves Afghan, should give up war and enjoy their peaceful life beside other Afghans. Paktika people representative in the lower house of the parliament Nader Khan Katawazi said that all provinces’ representatives have attended the Jirga and they all want a lasting peace to be maintained in Afghanistan.
A peace Jirga member from the center Dr. Banafsha Bahar Nabizada said, “I am happy that the ground is paved for all Afghans to state their views on peace in the Jirga.”
She hoped the Jirga could find a way to tackle the ongoing challenges in the country.
Another woman from Kabul Tahmina Naeemi said that I was very happy that everyone had much to say about pace and fortunately women presence was visible in the Jirga.
She asked the government of Afghanistan and Taliban to consider all achievements particularly related to women made over the last more than one and half a decade, because, no process will succeed without presence of women.
Dr. Sunita Ahmadzai believes that this is a good opportunity to all Afghans. She added we hope the Jirga could follow with good results on peace talks, because, war has destroyed thousands of Afghans’ lives, therefore, a peaceful solution should be sought for ongoing war in the country.

Suraya Raiszada

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