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Defending freedom in Afghanistan


By: Karima Malikzada

We will remain in defend line of freedom. We do believe that freedom is a basic human right. Freedom is like right of life. Whenever a human being is not alive, what do fulfillment of the provisions inserted in universal declaration of human rights and other legal documents mean.
Freedom is a natural need of mankind. In lack of freedom, the mankind loses his/her humanitarian dignity.
Being a human being, mankind has a series of rights, as their most basic is right of freedom followed by other rights. Freedom is the opposite point of every compulsion and merely the freedom rights of others could restrict it. Freedom of electing rulers, freedom of expression, freedom of gatherings are all proves of freedom.
We approach from the position of freedom right’s defence. We are committed to defend freedom this basic human right under every circumstances. We disclose evidents of freedom negation and would raise our voice against every attempt that leads to negation of right of freedom.
At present, a strange situation is being shaped. The politics has been emptied from every progressive cause. Those who were attempting yesterday for human rights, civil society and right of election and called themselves vanguards of civil society, are now enthusiasts of meeting the Taliban representatives, as if the Taliban are a progressive force and have no problem. Taliban are a reactionary force. Qatar office, argumentation and talks with this or that country by no mean changes their original nature.
The Taliban cause is not a progressive cause. They don’t recognize the right of freedom. Certain domestic political forces have also mentle commons with them. Due to the post Sep 11 terror attack conditions, these forces magnified difference between their thought with Taliban. Perhaps, it is due to this reason that they cannot resist against enthusiasm of meeting the Taliban representative. We are not adherent of continuation of war and against silence of guns, but what is surprising is this that majority of those who had introduced themselves advocates of values of contemporary civilization, today even don’t try to keep their critical distance from reactionary movements.
Other point that all should pay attention to it, is this that the tradition of defence of freedom has powerful roots in this territory. In no case defence of freedom in this land has been started following Sep 11 attack under support of B-52. The first and second constitutional movements were organized and original attempts for freedom.
When in 1964 the then royal family recognized the right of freedom to an extent, progressive newspapers and political parties and factions appeared as Ghobar and Mohammadi are among the brilliant figures of that era whose works have remained until our days. In solar 40s, small villages, backward rural economics plus many progressive movements and societies germinated. Even in the peak of oppressive eras and despotism too, effort for freedom fighting was not died.
Once in this land that the body of monarchy had religious and celestial legitimacy, Sayed Ismael Balkhi raised the idea of republican system. The freedom fighters of this territory preferred jail and torture but didn’t retreat from the position of defence of freedom.
These freedom fighters learned us that freedom is the basic condition of implementation of human dignity and opponents of freedom are in fact disloyal to human being. The freedom fighters of this land have always stood against this big oppression and paid its price.
We are the heirs of progressive movements and freedom fighters who had fought for implementation of freedom rights and its proves and intended to solvate mankind from oppression.
This is our sincere commitment to remain in the line of defend of freedom for ever.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.