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Deal with terror group brings no peace

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In an interview with an Indian Newspaper, Special representative of Russian Federation for Afghanistan Zamir Kabilov has recently said, Taliban have gained legitimacy through war and without direct talks with the group, the peace would not be restored in Afghanistan. In near future, he said would invite Taliban to Moscow to talk with them on Afghanistan peace.
These utterances are taking place at a time that shortly before and following the suspension of peace talks between Taliban and Americans by US President Trump, a Taliban delegation of Qatar political office visited Moscow and after Moscow meeting, Russian officials requested the USA to resume peace talks.
In the past too, the government of Russian Federation had drawn the feet of Taliban and Afghan politicians under different pretexts to Moscow and organized dialogues between them.
In a short time after the Bonn conference in 2001, Moscow who supported global war on terror in Afghanistan, with a change of 180 degree in its policy, supported Taliban and at the outset talked on a merely diplomatic relation under the pretext of ensuring security of Russian diplomatic centers in Afghanistan.
But later it was clear that this relation was more complicated than it was said. Even the western countries had accused Russian Federation for military support, ensuring intelligence facilities, training and financial resources for Taliban and had said that Russian generals had practically undertaken instruction of some Taliban war fronts in Afghanistan.
Russian authorities had time and again said that they are concerned on IS influence from Afghanistan territory into central Asia that they consider it as their security sanctum. Russians added that their relations with Taliban was in fact for removal of this concern and anticipation of IS influence into their central Asian territories.
At present, invitation of Taliban to Moscow is continuation of Moscow scenario with Taliban that aims not implementation of peace in Afghanistan but practicing of Moscow’s old policy. It is clear this is part of old rivalry of Russia and the USA that remained since the Cold War and reappeared and continues by Russians and Americans.
Everybody including and particularly the Russians know well that dealing with a group who merely thinks on violence and terrorism on daily basis and deliberately killing hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians and has close ties with international terror organizations brings no peace and neither this deal is taking place with this goal.
Russians must be confident that friendship with Taliban cannot bring peace for their security sanctum. Taliban are dreaming the establishment of world Islamic Emirate. And it is wondering how Russians trust the terror group.

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