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Dawlat Abad clashes: President Ghani praises commandos’ braveries, sacrifices


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Ministry of Defense told media the other day at least 21 Afghan Commandos were martyred during clashes with the Taliban in Faryab province on Wednesday. The Minister also said that more than 150 insurgents were killed and wounded in Faryab clashes.
According to MoD officials, the clashes happened in Dawlat Abad district of the province and 15 other soldiers have since gone missing. The MoD said Dawlat Abad district is under the control of Afghan forces.
Meanwhile, General Zahir Azimi, former spokesman for the MoD confirmed that his son Sohrab Azimi, was among the 20 Commandos killed. Sohrab Azimi was one of the Special Forces officers who received military training in the US as well as Turkey.
General Azimi said that his son went to the Dawlat Abad district voluntarily in the efforts to retake the district from the Taliban. However, clashes intensified resulting in the death of the commandos.  The center of Dawlat Abad district fell to the Taliban a week ago following heavy clashes.
In a telephone conversation with director of operations of the Special Operations Command in Faryab province, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani expressed his condolences over the martyrdom of a number of brave security and defense forces.
During a separate telephone conversation with General Azimi, the President also expressed his condolences and sympathy to him for the martyrdom of his son. In these telephone conversations, the President reminded of the courage and bravery of the Afghan forces who sacrificed their lives in defense of territorial integrity and national honor, and said that the people of Afghanistan will never forget their heroism. The President emphasized that the brave security and defense forces have their full support as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. On the other hand, General Mohammad Zahir Azimi and director of the special operation command in Faryab province, while expressing gratitude for the President’s sympathy, said: “Sacrifice for the homeland and the tricolor flag of the country is a great honor for the brave and courageous sons of this land.”

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