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Daesh group will be destroyed in any corner of Afghanistan, security entities

By: Suraya Raiszada

Recently, Indian officials claimed that Daesh group’s activity is growing in Afghanistan, adding a number of their fighters are Pakistanis.
This comes as peace talks have bolstered between the government of Afghanistan and Taliban and after reaching a probable agreement, they will have a share in the future government.
But, officials of the ministry for defense say that the group was growing in some parts of the country in the past, but they are currently being suppressed by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF).
However, the ministry’s deputy spokesperson Zubair Aref didn’t reject Daesh fighters’ activity, but said that heavy blows have been imposed to the group in most of the provinces.
He added ANDSF operations are ongoing against Daesh and they will uproot them in any corner of the country.
According to security officials, efforts are ongoing to foil threats in the areas being controlled by the government.
They added we are striving to retake the districts being controlled by armed insurgents. A number of political experts believe that Pakistan has paved the way for Daesh growth in the region.
They added that Pakistan is trying to replace Daesh with Taliban in Afghanistan.
A political expert Amir Mohammad said that there was no doubt that Daesh group is growing in eastern parts of Afghanistan and they might gradually transfer to northern parts. He added Daesh group has link with extremist groups in Pakistan and there are evidences in this regard, because, most of the times, when Daesh group members have been killed or arrested during military operations, have been Pakistanis.
Experts believe that Pakistan has never been honest with Afghanistan on fighting terrorism and peace talks.
Daesh issue is getting more serious by each passing day as U.S. and Russian officials have already warned of the group’s growth in eastern parts of Afghanistan.
Earlier, US called presence of Daesh and al-Qaeda a threat for that country’s national security and stressed on staying US forces in Afghanistan.
A number of politicians believe that US continued military mission can be effective to prevent collapsing some parts, but will not help end war in the country.
Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan says that we are seriously focusing on Daesh with our Afghan partners and we will continue pressures so the group is fully uprooted in Afghanistan.
Three weeks ago, head of Russian intelligence agency said that almost 5000 Daesh fighters were operational in border areas of northern parts, a number of whom have fought in Syria and Iraq.
Recently, to fully eradicate Daesh group in eastern parts of the country, the national security forces have conducted operations during which a number of the group’s commanders and fighters killed and injured. 

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