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CURE Hospital conducts 10,000 cleft lip & cleft palate surgeries in Afghanistan


By: Suraya Raiszada

CURE International Hospital is one of the non-profit hospitals where most of surgeries of patients who are poor are conducted free of charge.

In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, head of Cure Hospital Dr. Yousuf Khan said the hospital has conducted more than 10,000 cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries during the current year.

“We’re making effort to provide high-quality services for our citizens and our goal is to address health problems of the people and deliver the quality health services to the people,” Dr. Yousuf said.

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CURE International Hospital has various sections and provides services in internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, pathology, general surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics. The hospital provides quality, evidence-based care for all patients whether private or regular, in-patient or out-patient.   CURE also runs a Family Health Clinic where family medicine and obstetrical is offered.

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Pointing to various surgeries, head of the hospital said CURE International Hospital conducted one of the rarest surgeries and operation which was conducted in the hospital was the surgery of making a nose for a 16-year child who was born without nose and breathing via mouth and not able to smell something.

‘’The child had been also taken to Pakistan for treatment, but he has been taken back to Afghanistan for treatment. Fortunately, our surgical doctors have successfully conducted four consecutive surgeries to make a nose for the child who got the nose after 16 years smelled a flower for the first time,” Dr. Yousuf stressed, adding that the 16-year old boy was discharged after 3.5 months his all surgeries have been conducted free of charge.

In addition to providing health services to the people, the hospital provides capacity building programs for young medical personnel so that they can help the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in delivering quality health services to the people.

The medical training programs currently running at the hospital include an 18 months OBGYN fellowship program, two years General Surgery Fellowship program, a 3-years residency program for family medicine, and a 3-years residency program for pathology. Some of the doctors on completion of their training in these programs will be sent to other needy areas as specialist trainers and continue to provide quality patient care while others will remain in Kabul.

According to head of the hospital, nearly 10,000 cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries have been conducted free of charge in the past one year; morevoer, 1,600 maternal fistula surgeries, 12,000 maternity-health consultations, 39,000 deliveries, more than 38,000 various surgeries conducted, 99 doctors have completed the fellowship programs and 12,000 health personnel have been provided with short-term trainings.

Dr. Yousuf further said that the hospital received patients from different provinces particularly insecure provinces of the country, adding that a number of Afghan refugees from neighboring Pakistan and Iran were coming to the hospital for treatment. He stressed that there was no exception as their goal was to deliver high quality health services to the people.

According to head of the hospital, there are 315 personnel including doctors, nurses, midwives, administrative and operation employees.

Pointing to problems facing the CURE International Hospital, Dr. Yousuf said that lack of electricity and the high price of electricity, security problems preventing from foreign medical experts to come and problems in connection with registration of documents of those completing health training problems in the hospital, asking relevant organs for addressing the problems.

It is worth mentioning that CURE International Hospital, is a charitable foundation dedicated to meeting the medical needs of economically disadvantaged patients and their families, has been present in Afghanistan since February 2005.

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