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Cultural values help societies get closers, Minister Safi

۲۷اسد ۱۳۹۷ ملا قا ت سر پرست وزار ت اطلا عا ت و فر هنگ با سفیر چین ع سلطا نی 12
Minister Safi meeting Chinese Ambassador to Kabul

KABUL: Acting and Nominee Minister of Information and Culture, Hasina Safi, in a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Kabul said cultural values were very effective in the growth and closeness of the societies, BNA reported the other day.
In the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador said Afghanistan was rich of ancient and historical relics and enjoy special importance in this field, according to the agency.
He said the Silk Route has had played special role in cultural relation between China and Afghanistan, in the past and can have great achievements in the future in the field of cultural relation, the agency quoted.
The ambassador also discussed the issue of both countries archeologists joint research in the Wakhan region of Badakhshan province, and the visit of his country’s university (Anan) for signing the MoU in this field and the visit of Afghan second vice-president Sarwar Danesh in the upcoming month for participation in the “Cultural Show” and invited the acting minister to join the delegation and take part in the exhibition, the source said.
Meanwhile, Ms. Hasina Safi thanked China’s role in different fields, particularly in the area of cultural expansion and said cultural values play key role in growth and closeness of the societies.
She emphasized on the strengthening of people to people and government to government relations and called it the most important in the regional relation development, according to the agency. The source went on as quoting the acting minster to say that signing MoUs would provide the ground for expansion of cooperation between the two countries and the relation can play key role in the regional cooperation development.

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