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Critics views on anti-corruption strategy’s new indexes


Important improvements have done in fighting corruption strategy’s new indexes while the political critics believe that corruption is still existed in administrative and military sections.
It is hoped that the new indexes presented by high office of oversight and anti-corruption to be effective in curbing corruption in a number of organizations, they added.
A political expert Haidar Rastgar told The Kabul Times there is no doubt that existence of corruption has caused to face Afghanistan’s improvements with challenges, adding however, the government of Afghanistan has made serious efforts in this respect over the last seventeen years, but due to cooperation of a number of entities, the efforts have not been adequate.
The secretariat for the corruption administration says considerable progresses have been made in this regard.
During a joint news conference with a number of civil society entities, head of the secretariat Yama Turabi said the strategy has 38 indexes, 27 of which have been completed, seven others are about to be finalized and three of them have had limited improvement and one didn’t have any improvement.
Sound leadership, leaders’ serious will in transparency policy, reforms in security sector, transparency in recruitments through civil services and administrative reforms commission and judicial prosecution of culprits in term of fighting corruption are among the key priorities of Afghanistan’s administrative corruption national strategy.
But, the Transparency Watchdog says fighting corruption national strategy’s new indexes have not been practiced in many cases.
Nasir Temori, the in-charge for the entity’s advocacy section said the government of Afghanistan should establish a commission based on its commitments on fighting corruption within which all corruption cases to be neutrally assessed.
He added a commission would be established to effectively fight corruption.
Meanwhile, finance ministry officials told The Kabul Times that the ministry has done effective works on fighting corruption.
The move has caused that the ministry to collect almost 80 billion Afghani revenue during the first half of 1397 fiscal year.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.