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Credible presidential vote crucial for stability


Election is a democratic movement which makes a significant landmark in a community. The citizens, who have been marginalized to decide on political issues, are supposed to play their vital roles in electing their president by going to ballot centers. Conducting election is the most democratic way which gives legitimacy to the power of a particular person. The main goal which is intended in election is to bring changes in political structure of a country in a democratic manner.

One of the basic political issues in Afghanistan is fraud-tainted and controversial election process and election system. Though there have been a few presidential and parliamentary elections in the country, the basic structure for a fraud-free and transparent election has not been developed. The election processes have been vehemently dominated by allegations of fraud and misconduct, and the election commissions, both Independent Election Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) of Afghanistan, have not been able to function independently. 

A few days remained to upcoming presidential elections. The international community, in particulate the United States once again called for a free, credible and transparent presidential election, asking all parties, including the Taliban, to ensure voters could get to polling centers on election day.

The State Department said: “Along with other international donors, we have called repeatedly for the Afghan government and electoral institutions to make preparations for a credible … election.” A statement from the State Department said Afghan voters, risking their lives to participate in elections, deserved to know the outcome accurately reflected their choice.

Coalition forces and donors who had sacrificed to give Afghans the ability to choose their leaders deserved to have this confidence as well, the statement added. “We hold all candidates accountable to the code of conduct they signed. We call on all parties, including the Taliban, to ensure voters can go to polling centers on election day without fear of intimidation, attack, or violence.

One of the most dominating attributes of democracy is the process of election. If elections continue democracy prospers. This claim can be strengthened by the evidences that lie in the history of greatest democratic states. American democratic history depicts a serious of elections, continued for more than two centuries. United Kingdom’s history depicts even a longer continuation of series of elections and today both the countries enjoy a dominant role in international political scenario. They both enjoy economic and political might and there are many countries that have been trying to adopt their systems so as to have justice and order in their systems.

Therefore, its necessary for all strata of the society to join hands and provide a safe and sound environment for the upcoming presidential elections. The people should not allow anyone to interfere in the democratic process.

Election plays a key role in bringing better changes in a community. Furthermore, it is a way towards democracy and freedom, so people wish to breathe democracy in a secure society. It is hoped that the expectation of Afghan citizens with the entire struggle that they do, will not be dashed out.

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