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CPRD digitalizes tazkira registration books to prevent fraud

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To prevent frauds, the Central Population Registration Department (CPRD) has digitalized tazkira registration books.
CPRD head Humayoun Mohtat told media they have entered distributed tazkiras in a database and to prevent frauds, they have given that to Independent Elections Commission (IEC).
On Wednesday next week, all records of tazkiras would be entered in the database and hereafter the tazkiras would electronically be confirmed. IEC technical teams are working on it so they can use the databases in filtering voters’ list.
25000 register books consist of 16.8 million Afghans’ information have been entered in the database, according to Mohtat.
He said during the national campaign of tazkira distribution which has started since Qaus last year, almost five million tazkiras have been distributed in 34 provinces and they have also entered that in the database.
He added due to insecurities, paper tazkiras have not been distributed in 30 districts. He clarified a number of those committed frauds have been arrested and introduced to justice and judicial organs.
At the same time, Abdul Jabar Purdeli, deputy interior minister said they have registered six cases of frauds and arrested 13 suspects in the respect. Recently, a number of political parties complained that distribution process of paper tazkiras and the stickers on them have not been transparent. They are stressing on using a biometric system, warning if their demand is rejected, they would not allow elections to be held.
This is while during a press conference held in CPRD, head of IEC Gula Jan Abdul Badi Sayad said even a counterfeit sticker has not been distributed so far. He added by using the new database we assure the people that IEC would do its best to hold fair and transparent elections. Head of Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) Yousuf Rashid while praising this step said due to limit time, identifying original and fake tazkiras was difficult, asking IEC to accelerate the process. Therefore, Afghan citizens are asking IEC to do its best and hold fair and transparent elections.
Shukria Kohistani

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