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Covid-19 threat not less than daily blasts


Over the last twenty-four hours, the country’s Ministry of Health reported scores of new cases of fresh positive COVID-19 countrywide.
Many have been reported dead of the highly transmissible variant of the virus, over the same period.
The ministry also complained about the failure of the people in observing health tips that helped the rapid spread of the disease all over the country.
Reports said that the new cases engulfed most provinces of the country’s four zones, including Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Balkh, Nangarhar and Takhar.
Most of death have been reported in the most populated provinces of the country.
Likewise in other world countries, like India and UAE, the virus was reported spreading and taking victim, as the people are said not observing the necessary health tips.
The negative consequences and intensifying threat of the illness seems not less than insurgency, which is victimizing people of different strata.
In Afghanistan, although, the virus is not as strong as in some other countries, like India, Iran and Pakistan, but the new variant has been reported of the most devastating one comparing to that of the first type, since its rise in Wuhan state of China, more than one year ago.
Much less than one thousand people have been reported affected and less than fifteen dead during the spread of the last type, but the recent variant is now affecting over thousand and taking more than thirty lives.
This is highly concerning comparing to the last type, while the people are not the health guidance in mind and not taking care of themselves, while leaving home.
This is very important for the people to observe the health recommendations announced by health officials; avoid crowd and meetings, if not necessary and wear facemask if needed to join, besides observing social distance and taking recommended foods and fruits.
The related organs should also do their best to prevent people from unnecessarily leaving homes, particularly the municipality and the ministry of health to announce the positive results of self-isolations during the appointed lockdown.
Lets’ join hand and cooperate with the related officials to fight both threats; insurgency and COVID-19; as both are deadly and devastating.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.