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COVID-19 public awareness committee responsibilities handed over to MoPH

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KABUL: The responsibility of the State Committee for Public Relations for the prevention of coronavirus outbreak has been officially transferred to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

Waheed Omer, Senior Advisor and General Director of the President’s Office of Public and Strategic Affairs, who has previously been in charge of the State Committee for Public Awareness to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus, yesterday handed over the responsibility of the committee to the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

He said three weeks ago, as the head of the State Committee for the Public Awareness to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak, he had promised the country’s cabinet to accomplish 15 commitments, all of which have been fulfilled so far.

Omer praised the committee’s efforts in making health messages in audio and video formats for publication in the media, coordination with telecommunications officials to deliver health messages to 15 million subscribers, the printing of one million sticker posters for distribution in districts where people don’t have access to radio and television, printing and installing billboards in Kabul, managing 60 health and religious professionals to participate in specialized media debates and increasing the capacity of the call centers to answer around 5,000 calls daily, were reminded as the main achievements of this committee under his directorate.

He said that now the MoPH has been given the responsibilities to continue the awareness about coronavirus, people in all parts of the country have become aware of what the coronavirus is and how prevent its spread in the country.

Omer added that around 27 million Afs (US $ 350,000) had been spent on the Public Awareness Committee under his directorate, which was funded by the Presidential Administration office.

He said the money had been paid for the broadcasting of health messages to radio and television stations, the printing and installation of billboards in Kabul, the establishment of a call center and its necessary equipment. The documents with all the details are available and will be shared.

Meanwhile, Feda Mohammad Paikan, Deputy Minister of MoPH for Health Services, thanked Omer and his team at the Public Awareness Committee and said that they stood with the MoPH in a situation when they desperately needed cooperation in the field of public awareness about coronavirus. And they did the awareness work properly.

Stressing the latest figures of the Coronavirus causalities in the country that until now a total of 3,031 suspected coronavirus samples have been sent to the Ministry of Public Health’s laboratories, of which 423 cases have been tested positive.

Paikan described the number of positive incidents in Kabul as 73 and said that only one of them had the history traveling abroad.

The Deputy Minister of Public Health asked people who tested positive for the coronavirus not to stay at their home any longer and should admit themselves to Special Hospitals for treatment of COVID-19.

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