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Counterterrorism requires cohesive, unified regional approach


Addressing the Security Council’s open debate on preventing and combating the financing of terrorism, Afghanistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN Adela Raz on Saturday said Afghanistan being the prime victim of terrorism fighting various terrorist groups in the battlefield, including Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTFs) coming from outside.
According to her, preventing financing of terrorism was an important part of Afghanistan’s national counter-terrorism strategy, adding “Our National Security Council is leading the inter- agency efforts to implement the strategy. “We have established a Task-Force, which is comprised of the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Finance, the National Directorate of Security (NDS) and Fin TRACA. Its mandate is to ensure the implementation of legal frameworks to prevent money laundering, and any other un-regulated currency flow that helps terrorists to finance their activities.”
Last year alone, approximately 3,000 operations were conducted. From which, close to 3,500 individuals, including foreign nationals, were apprehended and prosecuted. Similarly, drug-processing laboratories and storage facilities were destroyed through joint military operations. This had disrupted the Taliban’s ability to benefit from narcotics revenue. In addition, more than 200 tons of illicit drugs confiscated in the course of one year, she said.
The issue of terrorism has challenged not only Afghanistan but the entire world. Despite the counter insurgency, a large number of individuals were affected by terrorism from Kabul to Spain and London. However, the counter-insurgency is simply based on fighting militants without regarding the hotbed of terrorism.
Afghan nation is affected by horror and terror in some ways. The counterinsurgency is moving at a snail’s pace, whereas warring parties are changing their tactics swiftly for inflicting heavier casualties upon Afghan and foreign troops and innocent civilians.  
Warring parties claim to fight for reviving religious tenets. In other words, they wage ideological war against moral turpitude or infidelity, according to them. However, it is no more a mystery that their own practices, mainly spilling the blood of innocent men, women and children, are against Islamic sharia and Prophet’s Sunnah. It is explicitly stated in the Holy Koran that whoever kills a person it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind. Hence, the radical ideology and cruel practices of warring parties, including the Taliban and IS are against the soul of Islam and ethical code.
Therefore, to ensure the success, more cohesive & unified regional approach is needed. According to Ambassador Raz, our neighbors can play an effective & strong role to confront the nexus of transnational criminal activities.
The inflow of resources that finance and support the terrorist activities, such as trafficking of weapons and chemical precursors do arrive from outside of Afghanistan, and that is where we need to have a regional comprehensive approach in combating this menace. Otherwise terrorism would further deteriorate the situation and would destabilize the whole region if not curbed.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.