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Counterterrorism demands practical measures

Pakistan seeks political solution to Afghan conflict Khawaja Asif

Since its establishment to date, Pakistan always was in enmity and opposition with our country and supported terrorist groupings with possibilities such as safe havens, training, equipping and funding. Even reports indicate that this country provides good medical treatment possibilities for terrorist groupings’ leaders who were wounded in war with our security forces.
It should be said that the existence of Quetta and Peshawar councils in that country proves clearly our claim and the safe havens of terrorists in that country is becoming prominent more than before.
As it is known to all those terrorists who are capturing or killing by our security and detective brave forces, the identity of majority of them are Pakistani that are under training of that country’s military and detective circles and are dispatching to various parts of our country for making insecure Afghanistan so that with committing inhumane activities and targeting civil and innocent people as well as demolishing infrastructures to prevent our country from development and progress.
Despite Pakistan laid emphasize to remain loyal to its international commitment before Afghanistan and international community that as if it is partner of Afghanistan in war on terror and makes serious measures for eradication of Taliban and other opposition groupings fight against Afghanistan.
But, what is known to all Pakistani politicians are not loyal in practice to what they say and vice versa instead of fighting terrorism it fund and equip terrorists, and never is honest in its commitments and the only reason behind war and disturbances in economic and political dimensions are only the militarymen of Pakistan, especially ISI that instructed terrorists for terrorizing of prominent figures and demolishing of uplift projects of our country.
They plant roadside mines and commit suicide attacks and explosions so that to prevent from development and progress of our country and people.
The people and political figures of our country believe that Pakistan is important in drawing out of armed opponents of Afghanistan government to peace process, but this country also falls short of doing this as well and as the government of Afghanistan is fighting honestly with terrorism and invites them to negotiation table, even with offering of proposed packages that is include of all demands of opponent groupings, is making effort to ensure peace in the country.
But with empty assertions, Pakistan sometimes says that we have neither capability to fight terrorists nor force them to negotiating table.
It is considered that this reason is not logic.
If Pakistan wants to fight terrorists, first, this country demolish the safe havens of terrorists in its soil.
Second, this country should not prepare the ground for settlement of leaders of this group and also shouldn’t offer health services for them.
The adolescents who leave for Pakistan to learn about religious education beyond the border of Pakistan, vice versa they be brain wash and encourage them to terrorist attacks and explosions. Peace not only to be maintained in Afghanistan but in all region.
The policy and considerations of military and intelligence services of Pakistan is always in contradiction with national interests and good neighborliness with neighbors and only it is necessitates that the international community at the head the US not only to cut its cash aid to Pakistan but the pressures and serious sanctions be imposed on that country, especially on its military forces.
Otherwise, the fire that today is burning Afghanistan, tomorrow would get vast dimension and would cover the regional and ultra-regional countries.
So, the only way to rid off terrorism evil is only exerting pressure on Pakistan especially its ISI that with doing so, we would be the witness of peace and stability in the region and the world as a whole.
Masouda Qarizada

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