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Counter terrorism requires common determination of all


By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghanistan government officials say double game of some countries towards counter terrorism to benefit nobody; therefore, counter terrorism requires common determination of all and the government of Afghanistan was determined to counter the phenomenon.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts believe that role of regional countries in maintaining stability and counter terrorism in Afghanistan is significant and they are optimistic about cooperation and support of the regional countries for maintaining stability in the country.
“Those countries which are using terrorism as a tool against other countries should know that terrorism is a threat to all the world; therefore, honestly and common efforts are needed to fight terrorist groups as Afghanistan and its people have suffered from the phenomenon for years,” said Safiullah, an Afghan civil society activist.
He added that the government of Afghanistan was feeling responsibility to address the phenomenon of terrorism threatening the country and region and has fulfilled its role in all sectors.
Stressing that Afghans won’t let anybody use their soil against others, Safiullah said that he hoped other countries in the region should do so and avoid interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan.
Jamal Farahmand, another Afghan political expert says counter terrorism and maintaining peace is one of the common issues that should be jointly addressed, but counter terrorism can be beneficial only when further pressures are exerted on resources and safe havens of terrorist groups beyond Afghan borders.
Afghanistan government has always said that terrorism is a threat to not only Afghanistan but to all countries in the region and world; therefore, joint efforts are needed to address the threat in regional and international level.
“Regional countries can play constructive role towards maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan and taking joint and practical steps to root out terrorism in the region as Afghanistan has always been victim of terrorism and cannot fight the phenomenon lonely; therefore, joint cooperation and coordination can play vital role in rooting out terrorism in the region,” Farahmand added.
Afghan members of parliament by expressing concern over lack of honest cooperation of a number of countries towards counter terrorism in the region say terrorism is a common threat to all; therefore, it requires common effort to fight it.
“Peace will not be maintained in Afghanistan unless all countries in the region and world do cooperate with Afghanistan in counter terrorism effort as peace in Afghanistan means peace in the region and world,” said Mir Dad Nijrabi, a member of lower house of parliament.
He added that Afghanistan has suffered from terrorism for the past years; therefore, all countries in the region and world should take practical steps and do cooperate with Afghanistan in rooting out terrorism and maintaining peace in the country as terrorism was a threat to not only Afghanistan but to the region and world.
Currently, hopes have once again increased when both US President Donald Trump and representatives of the Taliban group has signaled of starting unofficial talks between the two sides in Doha, capital city of Qatar.

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