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Counter narcotic plan at top government priorities


Narcotics is a vicious phenomenon threatening national security and affecting political, economic and national identification of the country. Fighting the phenomenon is one of priorities of relevant organs. According to reports,increasing airstrike on drug labs or factories has cut down poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.
According to officials for ministry of counter narcotics, preliminary assessments regarding causes in counternarcotic effort have shown that increasing airstrikes of Afghan and coalition forces has been effective in reduction of narcotics in the country.
Najibullah Ahmadi, head of survey for ministry of counter narcotics, considered the airstrikes as effective in provinces where poppy cultivation was high.
“The airstrikes have been extremely effective. Since the beginning of 2018, increasing airstrikes on drug labs in Helmand, Farah and Nimroz has resulted in reduction of narcotics and poppy cultivation. Drug-traffickers have finally got that coalition forces are closely working with us and their drug labs will be targeted anywhere in the country,” Ahmadi said.
He added that efforts would continue in 2019 to strengthen any attempts that were effective in counternarcotic effort in the country.
Based on a recent report issued by Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), 154 drug labs or factories have been destroyed since the launch of airstrikes on drug labs in Afghanistan.
The report added that as a result of the airstrikes Taliban have suffered $44 million of loss and drug labs worth $41 million have been destroyed.
The report came after NATO Resolute Support mission to Afghanistan said Taliban have suffered $500 million of loss as a result of Afghan and NATO join operations that have been conducted since the beginning of 2018.
According to a spokesperson for Ministry of Defence (MoD) Ghafoor Ahmad Javed, Afghan air forces have increased and expanded their airstrikes on drug labs in Nangarhar and Nimroz as well as Helmand and Farah where drug-traffickers use as main routes for keeping and trafficking drugs.
“Drug factories have been targeted in Nangarhar, Helmand, Zabul, Nirmoz, Farah and even Badakhshan, which was extremely effective. In 2019, we’re planning to target drug labs and anything threatening national security and peace in Afghanistan,” the MoD spokesperson added.
On the other hand, ministry of counter narcotics wants to implement programs and ways one of which is to target drug labs that can cause reduction of both poppy cultivation and production of narcotics in the country during the current year. Afghanistan is now facing with three issues such as corruption, poppy cultivation and terrorism. Therefore, it is time for Afghanistan, international community and regional countries to jointly work and fight the latter two phenomena threatening security of both Afghanistan and the world.
Lailuma Noori

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