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Council of ministers’ economic committee holds session

د وزیرانو شورا اقتصادی فرعي کمېټې ناسته وکړه
CE Abdullah chairing council of ministers’ economic committee meeting at the Sapidar Palace

KABUL: Chaired by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, council of ministers’ economic committee meeting was held yesterday at Sapidar Palace.
In the session, ministry of commerce and industries first briefed related to works and achievements of private sector’s executive committee, saying that the committee has taken effective steps towards development of the private sector.
Officials for the respective ministry further said that the committee which was created in 2017 aimed to provide work opportunities, develop exports and increase investment.
“The committee has approved policy of having open access to optic fiber, national exports strategy and national priorities program for development of private sector in the country and will soon deliver national policy of trade and draft on formation of national authority for management of energy services to cabinet meeting,” officials to commerce and industries ministry added.
Praising for good coordination among private sector, government institutions and international partners, the country’s chief executive stressed on regularly holding the committee’s meeting and serious cooperation of relevant organs for implementation of the committee’s related-works.
He considered that joint efforts made by both government institutions and private sector were crucial, stressing on further attention to visions and role of private sector in relevant law.
In other part of the meeting, deputy minister of economy delivered report of meetings of Afghanistan enduring development’s executive committee, saying that works of the committee have been going well during the past one year and 17 goals have been selected so far.
The country’s chief executive expressed happiness over works of the committee and said that results of the committee’s works would put direct impact on the life of the people.
Considering poverty as dangerous phenomenon, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said that he would deliberate over the committee’s suggestions as it was needed to seriously fighting poverty in the country.
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