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Coronavirus outbreak & its impact on street venders in Kabul

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By: Shukria Kohistani

A number of street venders by expressing concern over coronavirus outbreak in the country say the virus outbreak has put negative impacts on their daily work and businesses.
Following the coronavirus outbreak in the country, a number of Kabul residents in particular streets venders say the catastrophe has put bad impact on their life.
“Coronavirus outbreak has taken everything from the people. I wish the government to do something for us,” said Sayed Ahmad, a street vender selling juice. He added if the virus spreads among the people, his family might die from hunger.
He asked the government and a number of national traders to provide foodstuffs for distribution to misery people to prevent from increasing poverty in the country.
Shah Gul, another street vender selling pieces of bread on Kabul streets, says if she does not work or sell pieces of bread, her family members will die one by one due to hunger. She asked the government to pay attention to such misery of people and provide some assistance to them, saying that the price of foodstuffs was increasing day by day and on the other hand, the coronavirus outbreak has made the people’s life challenging.
In a most recent move, Afghanistan minister of public health Ferozuddin Feroz has warned that the coronavirus (COVID-19) could kill 110,000 people amid growing positive cases across the country.
Speaking to reporters yesterday, Feroz said the estimates also show that the disease could spread among 80 percent of the population of Afghanistan. Feroz further added that the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has so far recorded 42 positive cases of coronavirus across Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, Feroz emphasized on joint efforts to prevent the outbreak of the disease, warning that Afghanistan could turn into another Wuhan or Qom city, if necessary precautions were not taken.
In other parts of his speech, Feroz said the Ministry of Public Health will launch a lock down and curfew in Herat province with the help of the relevant authorities, with effect from tomorrow.
Meanwhile, UNAMA’s deputy representative for Afghanistan has said the war-torn country would face a lot of problems in fighting coronavirus in the next two months.
Toby Lanzer, who traveled to western Herat province for assessing the health situation and measures for fighting coronavirus, told a press conference today that the UN would be standing with Afghanistan in any situation.
He said the only way to fight coronavirus was to follow health tips, particularly washing hands, social distancing and avoiding handshakes.
“I as a UN official with other colleagues are committed to cooperating with Afghanistan in any situation, we would have some hard situation in the next two or three months, so there is need all sectors and people cooperate to ease this condition,” he said.
Herat governor, Abdul Qayum Rahimi  also said that precautions would be made for dealing with a possible deterioration of the health situation in Herat.
The local administration has food items for next three months and more food would arrive from abroad to the province in days, he said.
Abdul Hakim Tamana, Herat public health director, warned that a catastrophe would happen if people did not care about their health. He asked people to follow health tips provided by the public health department.
A total of 42 positive cases of coronavirus have been detected in the country, with 21 of them in Herat province.


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