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Coronavirus: How to spend time while staying home


By: Atefa Alizadah

KABUL: As nowadays most people are in self-isolation due to the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, this is very important how to spend time.

Some people wanted to create a series of challenges and funs to enjoy their times, while staying home during the quarantine, as most of the country’s big cities are in lockdown.

These challenges suggest that staying home is not only so much unfavorable but could actually be spent joyfully and excitingly.

Wasi Sayedi, a Herat resident is one of those who had created the challenge by launching cooking and called on other men to join it and test themselves that how much they can be men of art, and to realize how women are engaged in such a hard work.

He has now realized that cooking was a hard work.

“I used to go to work at 8 in the morning and return home at 4 in the evening and my wife who is also an employee returns home at the same time and soon got engaged in preparing dinner,” said Sayedi who worried how working around the house and cooking was hard works.

He added that now the couple is cooking either for two weeks of staying home or maximum of one-month quarantine, because of their interest in this work during the long off days.

But he praised women for continually being engaged in cooking on daily basis for three times; breakfast, lunch and dinner while their work will be added whenever a guest comes to their houses.

Launching cooking by men could be a fun on one side and on the other would fight the current taboos.

This would help break the taboos and wicked traditions that some men don’t believe in male work around the house.

He said, in the past, he didn’t know how to cook foods, but only egg, while he now learned how to cook various kinds of foods and added that jointly working increases kindness and intimacy within the house framework.

“We have wide number of youths with 50 to 60-year-old mothers some suffering illness, forcing them to prepare food for four to five of their children, while during the lockdowns and quarantine, these are fundamental factors to leak outside and this culture become common and popularized among the mass and most importantly there is no shame whenever this culture was released on the social media,” said Sayedi.

He said men can cook their own foods and then release the pictures or videos on social media.

Such challenges: from burning one’s hand (during cooking) to not eating that food by anyone, can leave numerous mixed bitter and sweet memories behind, which is very exciting to hear.

“The first incident I faced was burning my hand by hot cooking-oil while cooking a lunch,” Fraidun Azhand, another Herat citizen said.

He added while throwing sliced onions and potatoes inside the dish with hot oil on the stove, he burnt his hand and screamed with his wife saying: “It is good to burn your hand to realize how women are suffering hardship, while cooking.”

“I sometime cook foreign foods, but sometimes my family favors and some don’t,” said Azhand who said running such fun was very good and effective for those who want to learn a skill.

Learning a skill and ability like cooking helps one to rely on his own, when facing hard days and challenges like these either bitter or sweet would remain as a memory in the chapter of one’s life.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.