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Coordination needed to tackle environment issues in Afghanistan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghanistan National Environment Protection Agency has warned that by arriving winter season the environment condition will get worse in the country particularly Kabul.
This comes at a time when Kabul city is considered as the most polluted cities in the country and situation will get worsen with the arrival of cold season as most homes use low quality combustible materials.
A number of residents of Kabul in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent say if relevant organs particularly National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) do not take necessary measures for prevention of further pollution in the city, infectious diseases particularly COVID-19 will possibly increase.
“Unfortunately Kabul weather is polluted as we witness increasing both infectious and cancer related diseases; therefore, it is the responsibility of each citizen to pay serious attention to protection of environment,” said Anees, a resident of Kabul city.
Complaining of Kabul municipality, Anees added that streets as well as roads are not cleaned and swept even for weeks, resulting in air pollution and various infectious diseases among residents of the city.
He asked the government to pay serious attention to the city’s towers and buildings which have been built illegally and with low international standard, adding that these buildings should be prevented from using low quality fuels for heating their apartments and rooms.
Meanwhile, officials for the country’s national environment protection agency say air pollution is concerning and if step towards prevention of air pollution in the city is not taken, the situation will get even worse.
“By increasing the use of low quality fuel and combustible materials and air pollution, the situation of air pollution will get even worse, which will result in various infectious and cancer related diseases in the country’s provinces particularly Kabul, the capital,” said Ezatullah Sediqi, deputy of National Environment Protection Agency.
He asked all the people to make further effort and pay serious attention to protection of their environment, saying that all relevant organs fighting air pollution should further coordinate their works and struggles for prevention of air pollution in the country. ‘
Sediqi further said that relevant environment protection organs had introduced a range of mechanisms to overcome the issue of air pollution in the country particularly Kabul city, adding that it is not time for the media to find how much the relevant organs had been successful in countering the air pollution in the country.
It is worth mentioning that by arriving the cold season of winter, making use of low quality fuel and combustible materials in particular coal will increase, which will result in further air pollution in the country.

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