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Coordination in national & international level underway for peace in Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

As the issue of Afghanistan peace is being debated in national and international level, National Security Council says coordination for the peace process has increased in national and international level.
Officials of the country’s National Security Council say the government of Afghanistan has started work on further coordination both in domestic and foreign level for maintaining peace in the country.
“Afghanistan peace process should be coordinated and finalized with sides involved in ongoing dispute of the country,” said Kabir Haqmal, a spokesperson to national security council.
He added that such efforts were playing key role in succeeding of Afghanistan peace process as the peace process was one of top priorities of the government.
This comes after US Acting Assistance Secretary for South and Central Affairs Alice Wells in meeting with leaders of national unity government emphasized that the issue of Afghanistan peace should be taken as serious soon after results of the September 28 elections announce.
“We should have some developments in the Afghan peace process and ongoing violence in the country should end,” Wells insisted. After US President Donald Trump cancelled peace talks with the Taliban group in mid-September, representatives of the group visited to regional countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Russia and China. The visits are considered as sign of regional games for resuming peace talks.
A number of Afghan experts believe that regional countries that interested in hosting representatives of the Taliban group have asked for resumption of peace talks between US and the group.
“Regional countries are trying to somehow convince US for resuming peace talks with the Taliban group,” said Ahmad Sayeedi, an Afghan political expert. He stressed if peace talks were resumed, the process should be led by Afghans as the foreign-led peace effort would have no result at all.
According to Ahmad Sayeedi, the issue of Afghanistan peace has changed to one of the most critical issues not only in Afghanistan but also in the world level. He added that although continued efforts have been made towards maintaining of peace and stability in the country by Afghanistan government and a number of world countries, unfortunately these efforts that could bring peace to the country had no results.
Meanwhile, a number of members of the people in Afghanistan parliament by expressing concern over lack of coordination in the peace efforts as each country wants to have role in the process. They have asked for coordination and consensus in connection with Afghanistan peace process so that key and effective steps can be taken towards maintaining peace in the country.
Regional countries in particular Afghan political parties and experts believe that the key of Afghanistan peace is on the hand of Afghans themselves; therefore, it is necessary that all sides should work to start the intra-Afghan dialogue to break the current peace deadlock as no foreign-led effort in connection with peace will have results unless the process is led by Afghans. 

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