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Continued violence is never a solution

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Since last few days, the Taliban insurgents have resumed their attacks on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and according to media reports, the group carried out dozen operations in over 15 provinces and martyred or injured several security forces.
The leaders of Taliban insurgents had told them that sustainable and remarkable week of reduced-violence ended and they should avoid attacks on foreign troops bases, convoys and individuals, but they should resume their combat operations against ANDSF.
Political experts believe that the Taliban objective was increasing pressure on the government to obey their demands and release their prisoners prior to beginning of intra-Afghan talks expected to be organized on March 10th in a foreign country.
This is not unprecedented in no case that this group has been granting concession for intensified violence. During their 18 months negotiations with Americans, Taliban repeatedly resorted to attacks and operations aimed at making Americans to accept their demands.
Since the uprising of Taliban, their only weapon for imposing of their demands on the Afghan people have been violence and terrorism. Taliban have shed sufficient blood in the last over three decades, killed enough innocent people, allocated files of heavy crimes, including genocide and scorched earth policy to themselves and have been shedding blood for implementation of their objectives. They set fire, destroyed and annihilated everything. Now they have resumed killing people for their only goal, to grant concession during upcoming intra-Afghan talks.
The Afghan government and ANDSF are required to do their best to prevent Taliban to achieve their objectives or damage the Afghan people or occupy an area. Since over a quarter of a century, Taliban have been endeavoring to create a second geography in Afghanistan territory and establish their so-called petrified Emirate in it and then tell the world that they own part of Afghanistan territory.
At present many world news media propagate deliberately or unintentionally that Taliban occupied 70 pc of Afghanistan territory while in fact they have occupied only few limited rural districts and last year ANDSF could liberate over ten districts from their domination. All Taliban efforts for occupation of Afghanistan’s most populated districts were failed by ANDSF and they didn’t manage to reach their sinister goals.
All political parties, independent politicians, civil society activists and social strata and Pan Afghan people are required to be mobilized in support of ANDSF as the actual guardians of our dignity, honors and integrity. They should support and help the Afghan government to protect and defend our territory and sovereignty.
We should unitedly and unanimously defeat our enemy and defend our Islamic system which is indeed the results of thousands of lives have been sacrificed for it. We should understand that our enemies have failed in the last two decades to materialize their diabolical objectives, hereafter they would not manage to reach nasty goals too.

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