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Continued rainfalls to end risk of drought in Afghanistan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: Continued rainfalls in the country have reduced the risk of drought in west zone as rainfalls in the past one month has completely end the risk of drought in the country.

Local officials in the country’s west particularly Herat, Badghis, Ghor and Farah provinces say rainfalls are better enough comparing to previous years and consider the current year as a year full of joy for farmers.

Although prediction in connection with agricultural products is difficult, but weather condition and continued rainfalls show that the level of agricultural products will be quite better in the country’s west zone.

Lack of proper market for agricultural products and lack of standard spring houses are considered as the most significant concerns of farmers who are asking the government to find market for their agricultural products.

Figures provided by officials of provincial directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock of Herat show nearly 3.9 mm rainfall has been recorded so far in the province.

“The 300 mm rainfall can address the risk of drought in Herat, but currently the rate has increased; so it is considered as good omen for agricultural products in the province,” said Bashir Ahmad Ahmadi, deputy of agriculture, irrigation and livestock for Herat.

Spring rainfalls that have started for the past three weeks will continue for another week based on weather prediction. Two years ago, reduction in rainfalls had raised serious concern of farmers in the country’s west zone.

Based on assessments of Herat provincial directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock, this year will be a golden year for farmers as agricultural products will unprecedentedly increase comparing to previous years.

2018 was not a pleasant year for Badghis farmers as the spring rainfall rate was nearly 120 mm and their farm fields were hit by drought. Besides, livestock owners were also suffered due to lack of grasses and bushes for their animals.

Based on information provided by local officials of Badghis, since starting the spring rainfalls in the province, nearly 323 mm rainfalls have been recorded in the province. Continued rainfalls in Badghis have ended the risk of drought in the province where farmers consider it as good omen for their agricultural products.

In a situation in which provinces in the country’s west zone as Herat, Farah and Nimroz bordering Iran are fighting the coronavirus outbreak, recent continued rainfalls are considered as good news for the people and farmers of the respective provinces.

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