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Continued purposeful assassinations in Kabul concerning


Continued purposeful assassination and murder are a matter of great concerns for the citizens of Kabul city. Prior to this, the Ministry of Interior had reported on change of strategy in war on crimes aimed at reduction and ultimately elimination of organized crimes. It was expected that this strategy would manage in short term to decreases crimes in the country including capital city considerably. However, as it has been seen, apparently long way is ahead of Ministry of Interior for implementation of this goal and the strategy.
Because the scope of crimes is still very extensive and the citizens every day witnessing screening of organized crimes in Kabul as purposeful murders is one of these crimes that has strongly concerned Kabul inhabitants. In recent days, several purposeful murders have taken place in Kabul in which several people have been killed and injured.
Following the murder of Mina Mangal, adviser of the lower house of parliament’s cultural commission, murder of religious scholar Samiullah Raihan Emam during Friday prayers in Al-Taqwa mosque in Kabul due to a bomb explosion, murder of a legal advisor of an international organization in Kart-e-Now and murder of a trader in Shahr-e-Now on Sunday evening as well as seven members of a family including women and children were assassinated mercilessly in Jamal Mina area by unidentified armed men and two others were injured in the incident.
No doubt, these are not all the organized crimes that happen and leave unpleasant consequences on the life of Kabul citizens. Besides purposeful murders, different incidents including armed robberies, stealing of vehicles, kidnapping…. etc taking place that have made our people strongly concerned.
Meanwhile, individuals and groups who are involved in organized crimes are stronger than every times and have easy access to every part of the city and as per some guesses are supported by certain powerful people.
Existence of illegal weapons with individuals and groups has created more facilities for them who commit crimes using illegal weapons. Extensive organized crimes including murders indicate that long way is ahead of eradication of these crimes not only in the capital Kabul, but also in other major cities of the country.
Ministry of Interior and the National Directorate of Security and other relevant bodies involved in tracing criminals and punishment of them are at the beginning stages of the way and have to continually fight to end crimes and uproot criminals and this war would be very difficult war, because the criminal gangs are very powerful and are strongly supported by unknown addresses.
Meanwhile since the Afghan government and the security forces are busy fighting insurgents and other international terrorists across the country, the people should shoulder responsibility with their security forces, as the organized crimes required joint and organized struggle and they are needed to report crimes to the organs concerned.
Sans people’s cooperation, it would be difficult for security organs to recognize the criminals as well as arrest them.

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