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Continued international supports for Afghanistan  

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In the wake of announcement of the US and NATO troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, certain groups, organizations and even countries interpreted it as US defeat and collapse of political system subsequently, a calculation which was erroneous and wrong from the beginning and this inexactitude has been and still is being proved everyday either based on struggle of ANDSF in the battlefields with sworn enemies of peace and tranquility of Afghan people or with expressing support of the world community and friendly countries who support the Afghan people and government.
Some people with their baseless analysis thought that upon withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan everything will return to the past. While even with a short glance at the ground realities achieved in the past twenty years in Afghanistan on a peaceful future, are undeniable and no wise man can ignore all these achievements of people and government in this period.
Taliban and their domestic and external supporters believed more than others that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, they can grab political power and government forcefully. Therefore passing each day instead to consider the request of Afghan people and Ulema of Islamic countries to end the war and blood shedding, the Taliban increased their violence and attacks, but reciprocally the ANDSF who are honest offsprings of this country showed in the battlefields with their shateringand tooth breaking responses that this land and system is not ownerless and would not be in the future too.
This steadfastness of ANDSF against terrorists has caused increasing trust and support of people at national level while at international level, EU and US expressed their support and cooperation of our system and security forces, as shortly earlier, the US State Department on the threshold of its troops withdrawal emphasized on sustainable support of Afghanistan and reported  a new aid of US $ 266m to Afghanistan.
In a Statement  released by State Department on Friday it has been said that with troops withdrawal from Afghanistan, the US commitment is clear, namely our full diplomatic and economic relations will be established and support of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan that all Afghans need and deserve it, will be taking place.
The statement adds that the recent humanitarian aid will be used in medical sections including war on coronavirus in Afghanistan. Vulnerable Afghans including girls and women who are strongly posed to gender violence will also be assisted.
In fact announcement of new US aid of $ 266M to Afghanistan indicates that all must know that the world community would not leave Afghanistan alone because every anarchy and instability in Afghanistan would penetrate soon or late the regional countries and the world.
Due to this, the world community not only doesn’t want Afghanistan to return to the past but support Afghanistan national and legitimate institutions,  accompany and cooperate the Afghan people to achieve their long standing dream, i.e end of war, ensuring peace and restoration of reliable and permanent stability.
Therefore those who are waiting withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan and think that upon troops withdrawal they will attain their dirty and illegal goals, should review their ideas and programs.
The Afghan people and government would travers the course that leads to welfare and progress of their country to the end and allow no one or group to spare their legitimate and unquestionable right from them.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.