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Continuation of sanctions on Taliban contributes to peace process: NSA

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Continuation of sanctions of the United Nations on the Taliban contributes to peace process with the militants group, the country’s National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Moheb stated the other day.
Moheb, the National Security Adviser (NSA) said that the Taliban had escalated the violence, despites their prisoners were released by the government and that the group was using the travel exemption privilege to evade the negotiation table.
He blamed the militant group for returning their released prisoners to warfronts and thus, he said the United Nations sanctions on the group were very important as it would help the peace process get accelerated.
“The government of Afghanistan is working with its key partners and UN Security Council (UNSC) members to ensure that sanctions strengthen international peace efforts and the moves are used to prevent Taliban violence,” Moheb added.
Moheb is persisting for the still UN sanctions on the Taliban, as the group is trying to remove their names from the UNSC blacklist.
Removal of the Taliban name from the UN blacklist is of the provisions of the agreement signed between the US and the group, but the people of Afghanistan call on the UNSC to continue imposing more sanctions unless the militants reduced in violence.
The Taliban are unprecedentedly continuing violence against the people and government officials and despite their prisoners’ release by the government, they still continue increasing in violence against innocent civilians and government officials.
In the meantime, the UN, in its annual report about non-militaries casualties, has said that with the start of the Doha peace negotiations, violence has increased in Afghanistan.
On the other, the Spokesman of the country’s National Security Council has said that the issue of imposing sanctions on the Taliban leadership is not only up to the US, but it depends on the 15 UN Security Council members with Afghanistan having the rights to give opinion.
Also, Afghanistan representative to Pakistan, Omar Daudzay has said that the Pakistan’s stance has changed about Afghanistan and that the neighbouring country is in favour of ending war and reaching a lasting peace in Afghanistan as peace in Afghanistan was in the interest of Pakistan.
Pakistan has said that it had key role in returning the Taliban to the negotiating table, said Mohammad Omar Daudzay. “If Taliban want to reach power through force, Pakistan would not support them.”
He added that Afghanistan has now a system and effort to defeat it was not easy.
“Both Pakistani military and non-military officials are willing war and reaching a political deal in Afghanistan,” said the country’s representative to Pakistan.
The European Union (EU) has said an immediate stop to violence can lead trust in the Taliban honesty for the political efforts seeking an end to war in the country. Peace negotiations from both the government and the Taliban started negotiations since the last two months, but yet to reach an agreement to end war or at least reduce in violence.

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