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Construction process of Kamal Khan dam to be soon completed

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By: Shukria Kohistani

The Kamal Khan dam, one of the largest national projects, is located in the Chaharburjak district of Nimroz – 90 km in the south of the provincial capital in the country’s west bordering Iran.
Construction process of the dam has been started to control the country’s water and it is determined that its construction process will be soon completed to open the dam.
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in opening ceremony of the country’s national assembly has said Afghanistan government is planning to expedite opening of national projects including Kamal Khan dam in coming solar year, stressing that construction process on new 100 development projects will be kicked off during the first 100 days of the new solar year.
“Afghanistan government will soon share the plan for eight development projects with the people,” President Ghani said, stressing that implementation of the respective national projects will result in prevention from wasting resources and delivering better services to the people.
According to Afghan officials, management of the country’s water had been a dream for years, but the dream has now come true as plan for the management and controlling of the country’s water has been made for years to come. It is said that water intake has started in Kamal Khan dam after 70 years.
Shah Hussain Murtazawi, president advisor on cultural affairs, in his recent tweet by pointing to Kamal Khan dam said: “Water intake in Kamal Khan dam will result in hopes among the people of Afghanistan.” He said that the dam had the capacity to reserve 50 million cubic meter of water and could irrigate nearly 80,000 hectare agricultural field.
Despite of continuous protests made by Iranian officials, Afghanistan government officials are planning to inaugurate the largest national project as water intake has already started in the dam. According to Kamal Khan construction manager Hekmatullah Wali, the dam is ready for water reservoir and has the capacity to produce 9megawatt electricity and irrigate thousands hectare land in the province.
Meanwhile, the country’s National Water Affairs Regulation Authority says construction process of the largest national project will be soon completed and opened. Based on information of the ministry of water and energy, for the first time construction work on Kamal Khan dam started in 1967, but construction work on the project has not been completed due to continued war and political changes.
The construction work on the project resumed in 2011 and currently work on the third part of the dam is underway, while work on the first and second parts of the dam has been already completed. It is worth mentioning that by completion of the largest national project the dam will produce 9 megawatts electricity, irrigate nearly 80,000 hectare agricultural land and store 52 million cubic meter water. The dam is 16 meter high.

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