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Construction of Bakhsh Abad dam to begin soon: President Ghani

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KABUL: During a meeting with Farah’s Bakhsh Abad elders and influential, President Ghani thanked them for providing security to Bakhsh Abad dam, adding the comprehensive survey and design of the dams was completed and the practical measures to be taken after approval of its contracts via the National ProcurementCommission.
Meanwhile representing others Haji Khayat praised President’s development plans and management of the country’s waters, saying the local people have been trying their bests to provide security for the dam.He asked government to start the practical plan for the construction of the dam.
According to another report, President Ghani met with civil society representative of Farah province.
Representing others, Dr. Homayoun Shaheedzada presented the president a number of the provincial demands, including security, agriculture, management of waters and Bakhsh Abad dam, health and construction of spring houses, extension of the provincial university and sending of a delegation to review the security situation.
Thanking them for sharing their demands, the president said had spoken with Siemens company to invest onWind Power. “The winds in Herat, Farah and Nimruz provinces have the capacity of generating 65 thousand of Megawatt electricity.”
Hinting to floods affected areas, the president said aids are being dispatched in close coordination with people and considering the available resources, adding agricultural canals and spring houses to be constructed in the province.
Thanking people’s support of the development projects, the president said would soon send a delegation to probe the security situation of the province.
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