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Confidant property should be provided for all Afghans, President Ghani

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By: F. Akhgar

KABUL: President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, at the International Urbanization Symposium, has pledged to provide confident property for the entire Afghans, including men and women, Bakhtar News Agency said Sunday.
At the symposium, which was held at the Salam Khana Palace, the country’s president said: “Law is one of the best world gifts, but if unclear, it will be the worst phenomenon.”
The president added that after this, the laws and the government of Afghanistan would be far-seeing and hearing and the municipalities hardworking.
“Millions of dollars poured to the country, but since there was no bright perspective, the cities remained the center of deprivation rather to develop as the hub of living and momentum,” said the president.
The president went on as saying that time of incompetence has ended and the government would be accountable and the ministry of urban development and lands and the municipalities would be at the people service.
“Our main target is to provide confident property for both Afghan men and women and creation of legal plots and there was a need for making the needed plans and laws, to be implemented,” President Ghani added as quoted by the agency.
The president reassured that public lands would be retaken from up to 13,000 land usurpers, who have been recently identified.
The president thanked the services provided by the UN-Habitat recently and said that there was a need for providing some discussions at district and sub-districts level, the agency quoted.
Pointing to the fresh terrorist attack targeted the Kabul University entrance gate, the president said that attack on universities, children, mosques, hospitals and civilians, were attack on the civilization, religion and the national dignity and whoever claiming responsibility for such attacks is national traitor, dissolute and debauchee and unaware of the holy Islam.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.