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Condoning regional, trans-regional patrons of terrorists prolongs war on terror

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Efforts for accelerating peace process in Afghanistan is continuing indicate that the only way for ending violence in the country is negotiation and reconciliation. BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: peace is vital for Afghan people, the people who have sustained the heavy burden of war and violence for decades, now they are ready to forget all sufferings of the past for the cause of peace but never want their national interests to be sacrificed to the vague idea of a person and became problematic once again for the people.
In any case, the political events and holding numerous sessions for ensuring peace in Afghanistan here and there demonstrate that there is no victory through fighting, but the problem can be settled through holding peace negotiation considering the aspirations of Afghans and the people of the region and entire world. As much as the war in Afghanistan has got complicated dimensions on the same extent the way to peace is full of barriers, for removing the barriers should wisely act and pave the way for peace.
It is for decades that the fighting continuing in Afghanistan. Since the fighting in the country does not have only regional dimensions, therefore it should be also focused on its trans-regional dimension.
One should know the enemy in its varieties of its customs and have a specific definition from each.
Most of elites and political experts insist that knowing the enemy and presenting a specific definition from them accelerates the process of peace. This is first one should know the factors that cause war in the region, and then pursue beyond regional factors. Therefore, for hitting the target, the process should be carried out gradually, at the first step, should focus on internal factors of the problem and let not the individuals to hostage the process and sacrifice the national interests to their own, group, ethnic, party and so on. The regional and trans-regional patrons of terrorists are well known. Condoning this open fact is considered as ignoring counter- terrorism fighting as a whole. Afghanistan and international community precisely knowing the regional and beyond regional situation can damage the bridge that ensures relations between regional and trans-regional terrorists, in this way peace and stability will restore in Afghanistan and in the region.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.